Key Features To Get In A Livestock Scale For Cattle

If you plan on selling livestock like cattle, you'll want to invest in a livestock scale because then you'll be able to weigh these large animals in a convenient manner. Just make sure you try getting a livestock scale with the following features. Large Platform In order to make it easy to get cattle on a scale and get their measurements, you want to look for something that has a large platform.

Building A Rustic Wilderness Cabin? Important Reasons To Utilize Cedar Timber In Your Design

A rustic wilderness cabin can fulfill many needs. While increasingly popular with those seeking to escape city life, a rustic cabin can also be an affordable option for a second home or vacation retreat that can retain its value and usefulness through many generations of use. When designing a rustic cabin, however, it is important to consider factors that may differ from the plans of more traditional housing, such as the use of cedar timber throughout the construction process.