3 Factors That Can Impact The Performance Of A Custom Fitted Truck Tarp

Access to a truck allows you to haul a variety of materials from one place to another. Any materials that are loaded into the back of a truck will be exposed to the elements while in transit. If you have loads that you need to protect from wind, moisture, and flying debris, then you will want to invest in a custom fitted truck tarp. These tarps offer the greatest level of protection when it comes to securing a load.

Learn more about the factors that can impact the performance of a custom fitted truck tarp so that you will be prepared to invest in the right tarp to meet your needs.

1. Exact Measurements

The primary reason to invest in a custom fitted truck tarp is to secure a tarp that will fit the exact dimensions of your truck bed. Take your time when measuring your truck bed to ensure you get the dimensions right.

Start by measuring from the rear window to the outer edge of the tailgate. Next, measure from the outer edge of one side of the truck bed to the outer edge of the other side. Repeat this process a couple of times to avoid making any errors.

If you want your tarp to have some overhang, be sure to add a few inches to your measurements before placing the order for a custom fitted tarp.

2. Material

You can purchase custom fitted tarps made from a wide range of materials. You will need to carefully consider your needs when selecting a material to ensure the tarp will perform how you want it to over time.

Ask yourself if you need your tarp to be waterproof. Think about the types of loads you plan to haul regularly. Are these materials abrasive enough to puncture a traditional tarp? These questions can help you identify the tarp material that can accommodate your loads with ease.

3. Fasteners

You will need to think about how you plan to fasten your tarp to your truck before investing in a custom fitted tarp. There are a wide range of fastening options, but the most durable method is threading a rope or bungee cord through metal grommets.

Upgrade the grommets on your custom fitted tarp to brass or copper. These metals are extremely durable and will not corrode over time. The quality of the grommets on your tarp will help determine how secure your load is once the tarp has been fastened in place.

Contact a custom fitted truck tarp supplier to learn more.