Three Traits Of Compact Tractors

When you visit a local tractor dealer to buy a tractor, you'll see a number of different models for sale. While it's possible that you might wish to buy a specific type of tractor for a particular task, a lot of people favor tractors that they can use in a wide variety of ways with various attachments. There are lots of tractors that fit this description, including a class known as compact tractors. You'll see lots of compact tractors for sale at virtually every dealer, so you'll have a chance to assess this type and determine if it's the right option for you. Here are three common traits that you'll find in compact tractors. 

Narrow Body

The size of compact tractors can vary, but you'll generally find that this type of machine has a narrow body compared to several other tractor types. Being narrow has numerous advantages, regardless of how you're using the tractor. It will fit in tight areas that a larger tractor could not, which can help you tackle a longer list of jobs. For example, if you're working in a wooded area, you'll be able to fit a compact tractor into more spots than a larger tractor. The narrow body is also advantageous because the tractor won't take up as much space in your barn or garage.

No Cab

You'll usually find that compact tractors have an open design rather than a cab. While you always have the option of adding an aftermarket cab to any compact tractor you buy, the open style is advantageous. It allows you to get on and off the tractor quickly and easily because you don't have to open and close a cab door each time. If you're doing a job in which you need to alternate between the tractor and the ground, you'll appreciate how you can move quickly between these two places.

360 Seat

Lots of compact tractors have seats that spin 360 degrees. These tractors commonly allow you to mount attachments to both the front and rear of the tractor. For example, you might have a bucket on the front of the tractor and a small excavator on the back of the tractor. A 360-degree seat will allow you to face forward while driving the tractor to where you'll be working, and then rotate the seat so that you can face backward while operating the excavator. Visit a local tractor dealer, such as Paige Tractors Inc, to learn more about compact tractors.