Key Features To Get In A Livestock Scale For Cattle

If you plan on selling livestock like cattle, you'll want to invest in a livestock scale because then you'll be able to weigh these large animals in a convenient manner. Just make sure you try getting a livestock scale with the following features.

Large Platform

In order to make it easy to get cattle on a scale and get their measurements, you want to look for something that has a large platform. Then your cattle will have plenty of room in the designated weighing area. You can then record measurements in an uninterrupted manner.

All you need to do is look at the dimensions of livestock scales and then focus on models that have a large surface area for the platform. There will be concrete figures listed out so it shouldn't be difficult finding a big enough scale to support all of your cattle.

Adjustable Footpads

When you place a livestock scale on the ground, it may not be even because there are abnormalities on the ground below the scale. This isn't going to be a major issue if you just look for a livestock scale that has adjustable footpads.

You can move these footpads in multiple directions depending on how the ground underneath the scale is laid out. In no time, you'll get the scale even on the surface below and then be able to start measuring cattle in a safe and convenient manner.

Transportation Handles

A lot of livestock scales are pretty big, but that's not going to be an issue in terms of moving this scale around if you get a model with transportation handles. You can easily grab onto them and then transport the livestock scale to the appropriate destination where you'll be weighing cattle before proceeding to sell them to interested buyers.

A lot of these handles have an ergonomic design too, which is great for easily retaining your grasp when moving this livestock scale around. You'll have a firm grip and thus not be susceptible to dropping the scale, potentially damaging it as a result.

If you plan on weighing cattle to have a better idea of how to price them for interested buyers, you need to get your hands on a quality livestock scale. There are endless models, but you'll know what to get if you focus on convenient and important features that are used often.