Farm Fresh Egg Packaging Options

Many vintage egg cartons contain printed nutritional details for single servings of eggs, unique graphics, and a rigid design. Vintage cartons can be used to package farm fresh eggs that you will be gifting or selling to people who reside in your community.

Vintage Cartons

Egg cartons that were manufactured many decades ago consisted of a box shape and interior holders. The bottom cup shapes that are seen in modern carton designs were not present. Instead, cardboard pieces that had been formed in a v-shape were used to contain each egg that was placed inside one of the interior holders.

As time progressed, the design of vintage egg cartons was improved. Cartons began to take on many of the same characteristics that are present in modern carton products. Individual holders that cradled each egg were seamed together, with pulp forming and pressing processes. Polystyrene foam was eventually introduced and used to create many vintage cartons. This material is presently used to create the cartons that many retail egg products come in.

Classic cartons are designed to hold a half dozen, a full dozen, or a larger grouping of eggs. Some vintage products contain a take-apart feature that will allow the separation of egg holders. Biodegradable pulp products can be composted, once a consumer has eaten all of the eggs in a carton.

Packaging Efforts

Some vintage cartons lack printing on the outside of them. This type of product offers the flexibility of adding a unique brand name or picture to the top and sides of each carton. Cartons that already contain visual art and print can also be used to represent a product line.

Decide how you would like to group the eggs that you will be packaging and purchase cartons that will support the quantities. An expiration date should be added to each carton of fresh eggs. A rubber stamper and ink pad can be used to apply the expiration date to each carton. If you are going to be selling eggs at a public event, package the eggs in several vintage carton styles and sizes.

Prepare cartons that contain both small and large amounts of eggs. This will allow new customers to purchase a small number of eggs if it is their first time doing business with you. People who are accustomed to the quality of your eggs may be inclined to purchase a larger carton. Any extra cartons that you have on hand can be used to package eggs that will be given to your family and friends.

For more information about using vintage egg cartons, contact a local company, like Poultry Cartons.