Tractor Implements To Make Farming More Efficient

There's a lot more to a tractor than forming rows and pulling down tall plants. A lot of the attachments available for modern tractors can give a new, efficient spin to jobs that have continued to become more efficient throughout the years. Here are a few innovative tractor attachments to make life a lot easier while boosting your farm's yield.

Compact Till Drills

Many tilling systems such as discs are designed to work over wide areas. It's not hard to find a set of tilling implements--although finding the right fit for an old tractor can be difficult--but what if you need to work on a compact area?

If you're working in an orchard, you may not be able to drag a wide set of tillers through the roots and protective areas. Saplings are at high risk, and even if you have mature, stronger trees, thick roots can quickly dull your equipment.

A set of compact till drills can handle smaller areas while still getting deep enough to make a difference. The key is to go for narrow spacing in a low-profile box assembly that can deliver compact tilling.

It's not just for orchards; any vineyards such as grapes, honeysuckle, or hops can be serviced while you continue the growing season and keep the soil ready.

Seeder Systems

Many seeders are designed to spread across an open area that has been not only tilled, but constantly turned to keep the ground fresh and easy to plant. In many cases, you will need to do a lot of work to cover the seeds, especially when dealing with grasses.

All-purpose seeder implements are available with twisting tiller systems that can turn the soil just after seeding. The seeder/tiller system uses a set of corkscrew tillers to first turn up a layer of soil, then plant the seeds, and finally turn more soil over the seeds.

A quick inspection of the planting area can show the amount of progress and saved time, and although you may need to follow-up with a shovel or even just a brush of your boots across the surface, a lot less work needs to be done for a completed task.

By combining a drill tiller and a seeder system, you can dramatically cut down your field preparation and planting time. The investment comes back not only by planting for higher yield, but being able to work on everything else on the farm. Contact a tractor and farming implements professional to find tractors for sale and compatible implements.